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My Approach

I believe that we live our best lives through love and appreciation.  When we live from a space of love and appreciation we illuminate goodness and wellness in all areas of our lives.  I want to help you bring back the light of love and appreciation for yourself, your body, and the food you consume. 

I believe that you are a powerful being with so much light and potential.  You are deserving and are worthy of an abundant life.  In fact, you already have an abundant life waiting for you; it is there constantly calling for you and waiting for you to answer!   Self-love and appreciation it is deep within you, it is you.  But most of the time you are blocking the abundant life due to inadequate thoughts, behaviors, & beliefs.

My goal is in to provide you with tools and techniques that will build life long skills to release all resisting thoughts, blockages, and limiting beliefs around your body and food. We will work together to replace negative beliefs and behaviors, heal from your past, rewire your subconscious mind, and dramatically reduce anxiety around your body and food.   


Once you become lighter from blockages holding you back my goal is to  help you feel liberated, confident and in control. I will work with you to reclaim love and appreciation for your body and the food that nurtures and heals you. When you become lighter you will unlock your inner wisdom, power, and unique creative potential. I will help you embody your best self that will set at foundation to your new future.  

I am here to help you through understanding, listening, reflecting, and empathy.  I will not treat you, I will educate, support, and encourage you.  We will work together in a collaborative effort to help you shine again and live an abundant life full of peace, happiness, love, and joy.  You deserve it!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!


All services are provided online (via video call) in the privacy of your own home, your own mind, & your own environment.  To ensure we begin and make the most of our time together, all clients will complete a comprehensive questionnaire before sessions begin. Once enrolled, all clients will have full access to tools and resources to work the selected course in it's entirety.



Rocket Ascension Course

4 weeks | 90 minute weekly one-to-one sessions

Enrollment Currently OPEN

The Rocket course is a fast tracked self-hypnosis program to help boost your healing process & catapult you into your new beginning.

Extinguish negative aspects of self replacing them with more

positive and productive ones

Remove past events validating the emotions you've

memorized that have become part of your eating disorder identity

Unmemorized self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions

Close the gap between how you appear and who you really are

Gain freedom to live and think and act independent

of the restraints or constraints of thoughts, beliefs, and

emotions around self, body, & food.

Full Ascension Course

3, 6, or 12 month | 3x weekly one-to-one sessions

Enrollment Currently OPEN


The Full Ascension course is a high-impact and in-depth course into your past, present, and future.

Dig deep into any and all past trauma that may have lead

you to your eating disorder


 Unmemorized emotions that have become part of your

eating disorder identity  


Release stored energy of the emotions eventually working

your way back up to who you really

are fully recovered and healed. 


Set a new foundation for your future by learning and applying groundbreaking techniques to build love and

appreciation for both yourself and food. 


Your new found relationship for yourself and food will be

the best version of yourself that you will have ever known!



To Enroll, please contact Sara Northcutt, MHR, CMHC

by following the Contact tab


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